Lust and gluttony, the only two deadly sins worth the trouble...
Isabel Allende

a merry, happy, and above all, adventurous christmas and new years to you all...

to rafael, erica, kerry, karen, kara, penny, paul, rebecca, jennifer, michael, dad, judy, don, dorothy, carol, rachel, will, lorrie, keith, phil, arra, monet, dawn, brad, scott, pema, tal, wendy, norman, chloe, the entire family dinner crowd, marin, justin, sarah, et al... and it's a big et al...

it's been a year now here in california, and i have been blessed with support and love and light from all of you, and i hope i have a chance to cook you all dinner in the next year.

it's been six months now here in this house in hayward, soon to be left, it's very quiet here, at least when i'm not cranking up orishas or norah jones. my fingers are cold, i just got home, the heat is down, the night is cold, i drove in from oakland, from a warehouse, in which i saw someone making a half dozen apple pies in the midst of two hundred people, four bands, a lot of people who make their own clothes. saw someone holding the fire extinguisher while her/his boyfriend/girlfriend whirled long sticks flaming the heavy smell of kerosene up into the rafters. all in all, an amazing production.

shortly after new years i will be heading east to spend at least the spring in sarasota with my daughter, my lover, and my good friends. i'm a lucky son of wonderful parents and i wish you all peace and love in the year to come.

matthew high reynolds

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