"jesus loves you, but he still wants to date other people"

My Resume in 1000 Words or so -

interests and skills and predilections…

1. skin diving: I grew up in the water, and was freediving regularly in 40 feet of water when I was 12. spent thousands of hours under the waters of the phillipines and sri lanka.

2. photography: got hold of a good camera when I was about 10, I remember taking a picture of a painting of a nude woman so I could make prints... went on to shoot the yearbooks for my highschool. shot 30 rolls for a portraiture tutorial in college, made a point of learning the details of imaging in school, compression, color, entropy, how the eyeball processes information, shot and edited some industrial digital video for packaging machinery companies, had a nice old used nikon with an 85mm that yielded a few great pictures of peoples faces. shot 2000 frames of digital stills over the last couple months.

3. mechanics/engineering: built radios from scratch, model airplanes, pulled apart a sizable number of internal combustion engines, put them back together, dc and acwiring, water filtration, plumbing, water well drilling machinery, attempted to repair a 5 ton differential, it failed six months later, watched an amazing operation on it at a differential shop in okc, six mexican apprentices hanging on every word and gesture of a seventy year old differential guru. realized how much skill was involved. networks, cabling, printed circuits, compressors, power tools of all descriptions. instruction manuals for packaging machinery.

4. sex: it's like playing the piano, if you don't practise for at least an hour a day, you are not going to make much progress toward virtuosity.

5. wood: designed and built kitchens, home and industrial, bookshelves, displays, vehicle interiors, closets (my favorite), walls, roofs, bathrooms, skylights, windows, doors, decks, treehouses, desks, fascinated with fasteners- nails, screws, clips, tapes, glues, rivets, bolts…

6. boatbuilding: built a quarter-scale bolger nymph as my first adult boat- odd little project, ended up building half a dozen full size ones, built a 7 meter catamaran for my own use, a few rowboats and kayaks, a 12 meter bolger canal boat, gutted and rebuilt a 14 meter jeanneau cat for circumnavigation, refinished a 1925 S-boat, learned molding, laminating, vacuum bagging, composite structures, epoxies, polyurethanes, instrumentation, diesel fuel and exhaust systems, composite bearings, rigging…

7. sailing: outrigger canoes, hobie cats, large cats, through the panama canal, lake racing j-boats.

8. failed relationships: more experience than should be necessary to learn a few basic lessons.

9. successful relationships: I fell in love with a woman at le cocquelet, spoke perhaps twenty words with her, and haven't seen her since.

10. travel: phillipines, india, and sri lanka extensively, japan, korea, taiwan, hawaii, connecticut, boston, new york, miami, backwoods idaho, sevilla, barcelona, madrid, nepal, italy, mexico etc.

11. cooking: indian cooking first, my greatest acheivment is making a good chappati. decent sushi chef, appetizers, a salpichon that would make a smart person sit up and take notice. waffles, a not half bad latte…

12. yoga: for two years we got up before dawn to do two hours of kundalini yoga, then walking zazen around the neighborhood, then breakfast. used to be able to see god, but now that I'm past 40 I have to squint.

13. readings: I am reasonably well read in physics, biology, genetics, history, the recent american novel, information theory, discrete math, history of science, all of science fiction, american feminist poets, sexuality, ecology, nuclear power and weaponry, and the computer industry in general and specific.

14. psychedelics: I have experience with LSD, MDMA, MDA, 2-CB, peyote, and various species of mushrooms.

15. programming: pascal, assembler, forth, scheme, yacc, c, sql, php, shell scripting.

16. ergonomics: ah, a science perpetually in its infancy… you tell me why, twenty five years after their appearance, it still requires four pushes on a completely non responsive keypad to heat a cup of water in a microwave. architectural standards for furnishings, lighting, workspaces, closets, safety, stairways, doors, floorplans.

17. typography: fonts, kerning, leading, bitmapped, calligraphic, web.

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