Lust and gluttony, the only two deadly sins worth the trouble...
Isabel Allende

Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 8:53 PM
To: K
Subject: object, verb

i still miss you every day most weeks
i still miss you every hour most days
some hours i miss you every minute

i have a good sharp mind
and let me tell you, it has turned on me
with a vengeance.

my ears still wait for your voice
everytime the phone rings

my eyes still look for your hair, your smile,
everytime i turn around

i cry at every movie,
they are all sad without you

how do i get my soul back
i spent it on short pleasure
and signed on the dotted line

so you cut me out like an appendix
not needed any more, if ever

and i lost the rest of the body
i think it was a bad deal

except for one thing-
i learned that i could lie to my lover
i think it a good thing to know.