Lust and gluttony, the only two deadly sins worth the trouble...
Isabel Allende

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my brother paul wants an addition to his house and i am done with my part of building it in norman, ok and it was a damned hot august... on the last full moon i went to see conjunto clave, an incredible band i want to bring to heat wave next year. i took some pictures.

this whole trip started off a couple months ago when i spent one saturday night in tampa with my beloved friend monet, who inspired me to dance my heart out of the tunnel i was in after screwing up my relationship with kara, who taught me more about love than i can say. apropos of nothing save life and death, last night (sunday)i went to a show and had a rather wondrous experience.

over labor day weekend i went to chicago to visit tal and monet.

and here is a comment on colin powells boycott of one.

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erica and i on main street, norman, oklahoma- 8/01/01



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